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Figure 5.4
BESSELY returns the
BESSEL function and
is also known as the
Neumann or Weber
The BIN2DEC function converts a binar y number to decimal form.
The BIN2DEC function is found only if the Analysis Toolpak is installed. In addition it must be
turned on in the Add-Ins from the Tools menu. The number cannot be more than 10 characters.
Notice the example in Figure 5.5. Where the Binar y Number is 10000010 and the conversion to
a decimal results in 130.0000.
The binar y number to convert. The most significant number is
the sign bit. The remaining 9 bits are magnitude bits.
Figure 5.5
Use the BIN2DEC
function to convert a binary
number to a decimal.
The binary number
cannot be more than 10
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