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Changing a series name
Note that the first argument for this SERIES formula is a reference to the cell
that contains the series name.
Changing a series name
The series name is the text that appears in a chart’s legend. In some cases, you may
prefer the chart to display a name other than the text that’s in the worksheet. It’s a
simple matter to change the name of a series:
1. Activate the chart.
2. Choose Chart
Source Data.
3. In the Source Data dialog box, select the Series tab.
4. In the Series list box, select the series that you want to modify.
5. Type the new name in the Name box.
Normally, the Name box contains a cell reference. But you can override this and
enter any text.
After you enter text into the Name box, you can select another series to
rename. If you go back to a series that you’ve already renamed, you’ll find
that Excel has converted your text into a formula — an equal sign, followed
by the text you entered, in quotation marks.
Figure 3-10 shows the previous chart, after changing the series names. The first
argument in each of the SERIES formulas no longer displays a cell reference. It now
contains the literal text. For example, the SERIES formula for the first series is
If you need to change the name of a series, you may find it easier to edit the
SERIES formula directly.
Deleting a series name
To delete a series name, use the Source Data dialog box as described previously.
Select the series name to delete; then, highlight the range reference (or text) in the
Name box and press Del.
Alternatively, you can edit the SERIES formula and remove the first argument.
Here’s an example of a SERIES formula for a series with no specified name (it will
use the default name):
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