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Adjusting the Series Plot Order
the columns for the Desktops series. One solution is to edit the plot order parameter
of the SERIES formulas, as described previously. But in this case, there’s a more
direct solution:
1. Double-click the series axis (the “depth” axis, which contains the series
names) to display the Format Axis dialog box.
2. Select the Scale tab in the Format Axis dialog box.
3. Place a checkmark next to Series in reverse order.
4. Click OK.
Figure 3-11: The plot order of this chart does not correspond
to the order of the data.
Figure 3-12: After changing the plot order,
the stacked columns correspond to the order
of the data.
The result, shown in Figure 3-14, is a much more legible chart. Note that the
option to plot the series in reverse order does not actually change the plot order for
the SERIES formula. The SERIES formulas remain the same, but Excel displays them
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