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Handling Missing Data
Figure 3-16: This chart uses data from two worksheets.
The SERIES formulas for this chart are
Another way to handle data on different worksheets is to create a summary
range on a single worksheet. This summary range consists of simple
formulas that refer to the data on other sheets. Then, you can create a chart from
the summary range.
Handling Missing Data
Sometimes, data that you use in a chart may lack one or more data points. Excel
offers several ways to handle the missing data. You can
Ignore the missing data. Plotted data series will have a gap.
Treat the missing data as zero values.
Interpolate the missing data (for line and XY charts only).
For some reason, Excel makes these options rather difficult to locate. You don’t
specify these options in the Format Data Series dialog box or even in the Chart
Options dialog box. In fact, you don’t use the Chart menu at all. Rather, you must:
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