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Using Range Names in a SERIES Formula
Naming Cells and Ranges
Excel provides a number of ways to name cells and ranges. The two most useful
methods are the following:
Name one cell or range at a time: Start by selecting the cell or range to be
named. Choose Insert
Define to display the Define Name dialog box.
Enter a name in the Names in workbook field, verify that the range address
in the Refers To field is correct, and click OK
Name several cells or ranges at a time: This technique requires that the names
be entered into a worksheet, adjacent to the cells or ranges to be named.
Start by selecting the data (including the cells that contain the names). Choose
Create and specify the location that contains the names. In the
following figure, the names are contained in the top row of the selection.
Following is the SERIES formula after it has been edited. The range A2:A11 is
named Days , and range B2:B11 is named Calls . Notice that the SERIES formula now
includes the workbook name, and the sheet name is no longer included:
After inserting the names into the SERIES formula, you can then use the Insert
Define command to redefine Days and Calls to include additional rows. The
chart then displays the data in the newly defined ranges (see Figure 3-20); no chart
editing is necessary.
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