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Although a chart converted to a picture cannot be edited as a chart, it can be edited
as a picture. After creating a picture of your chart, you can right-click the picture
and choose Grouping
Ungroup. You’ll get a message asking whether you want to
convert the picture to a Microsoft Office drawing object. If you reply Yes, you can
then format individual elements within the picture.
For even more control, right-click and choose Grouping
Ungroup a second
time. This will break the picture into its component parts. You can then move and
format each picture element, and even create some “impossible” charts. Figure 3-21
shows an example of a picture that has been ungrouped and modified (the columns
have been tilted). Be aware that the second ungrouping can create a lot of objects!
The picture in the figure, for example, contains 48 component objects.
Figure 3-21: This chart has been converted to a picture.
After the picture is broken up into its parts, you can always put the parts
back together into a single object. Right-click any element and choose
Converting a chart to a picture is useful if you want to save a “snapshot” of a
particular chart. The primary disadvantage is that it no longer functions as a chart. It
will no longer update itself when the original source data is changed. And, as
mentioned previously, you can no longer edit any of the normal chart elements —
although they can be edited as picture objects.
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