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Selecting chart elements
Increasing the Size of the Chart Objects Control
The Chart Objects control, located on the Chart toolbar, is useful for selecting chart
elements and displaying the name of the selected chart element. If you find that the
Chart Objects control is too narrow, you can increase its size:
1. Make sure that the Chart toolbar is displayed.
2. Select View
Customize to display the Customize dialog box.
3. With the Customize dialog box displayed, click the Chart Object control in
the Chart toolbar.
4. Drag the left border or the right border to make the control wider.
5. Click Close to close the Customize dialog box.
Before you can customize a chart, you must activate it. To activate a chart on a
chart sheet, click its sheet tab. To activate an embedded chart, click anywhere within
the chart. To deactivate an embedded chart, just click anywhere in the worksheet.
In some cases, you may prefer to work with an embedded chart in a separate
window. For example, if the embedded chart is larger than the workbook
window, it’s much easier to work with if it’s in its own window. To display an
embedded chart in a window, right-click the chart’s Chart Area (the area
near the border) and select Chart Window from the shortcut menu. This
action creates a temporary floating window, which can be moved and
resized. To close this temporary window, click the “X” in the chart window’s
title bar (or just click anywhere in the worksheet). Figure 4-1 shows an
embedded chart displayed in a temporary window.
Selecting chart elements
Modifying a chart is similar to everything else you do in Excel: First you make a
selection (in this case, select a chart element); then you issue a command to do
something with the selection.
You can select only one chart element at a time. For example, if you want to
change the font for two axis labels, you must work on each label separately. The
exceptions to the single-selection rule are elements that consist of multiple parts,
such as gridlines. Selecting one gridline selects them all.
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