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Figure 4-1: This embedded chart is displayed in a temporary floating
Excel provides three ways to select a particular chart element:
Use the mouse
Use the keyboard
Use the Chart toolbar
These selection methods are described in the following sections.
To select a chart element with your mouse, just click it. To ensure that you’ve
selected the chart element that you intended to select, check the Name box (to the
left of the Formula bar). The Name box displays the name of the selected element.
When a chart is activated, you can’t actually access the Name box; it’s simply a
convenient place for Excel to display the selected chart element’s name.
Unfortunately, the Name box is often too narrow to display the selected
element’s name completely. For a better view, display the Chart toolbar. The Chart
Objects control in this toolbar also displays the selected element’s name, and this
control is a bit wider, so you can see more of the name.
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