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Using the Format dialog boxes
A data series.
Series Axis
The axis that represents the chart’s series
(3-D charts only).
Series Lines
A line that connects a series in a stacked column or
stacked bar chart.
A trendline for a data series.
Trendline Equation
The equation for a trendline.
Up-bars in a stock market chart.
Value Axis Title
The title for the value axis.
Value Axis
The axis that represents the chart’s values. There also
may be a Secondary Value Axis.
The walls of a 3-D chart only (except 3-D pie charts).
Using the Format dialog boxes
When a chart element is selected, you can access the element’s Format dialog box
to format or set options for that element. Each chart element has a unique Format
dialog box, and the dialog box usually has several tabs.
You can access the Format dialog box by using any of the following methods:
Select the Format
Selected Element Name command. The Format menu
displays the actual name of the selected part. If the value axis is selected,
the command is Format
Selected Axis.
Double-click a chart element.
Select the chart element and press Ctrl+1.
Right-click the chart element and choose Format from the shortcut menu.
Any of these methods displays the appropriate Format dialog box that lets you
make many changes to the selected chart element. Figure 4-3, for example, shows
the Format Legend dialog box.
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