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Formatting Chart Background Elements
For a chart sheet, the Chart Area is usually the entire sheet, but you can
adjust it by using the Page Setup dialog box: Select File
Page Setup, select
the Chart tab, and specify Custom for the Printed Chart Size. After you
perform these steps, the Chart Areas borders will be revealed, and you can
move or resize the chart area by dragging.
The Format Chart Area dialog box contains the following tabs:
Patterns: Controls the Chart Area’s border, color, and patterns (including
fill effects).
Font: Controls the default font attributes for the chart. Changing the font
for the Chart Area affects the font attributes for all text elements in the
Properties: Available for embedded charts only. Controls how the chart is
moved and sized with respect to the underlying cells. You also can set the
Locked property and specify whether the chart will be printed.
If you delete the Chart Area, you delete the entire chart.
Figure 4-7 shows a chart in which the Chart Area was customized. In the Patterns
tab, I selected the Shadow and Round Corners options. In the Font tab, I selected
Times New Roman as the font.
Figure 4-7: The Chart Area for this chart has been
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