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Working with the Plot Area
Working with the Plot Area
The Plot Area is the part of the chart that contains the actual chart. The Plot Area
includes all chart elements except the chart title and the legend.
The Format Plot Area dialog box has only one tab: Patterns. This lets you change
the color and pattern of the plot area and adjust its borders. Although the Plot Area
consists of elements such as axes and axis labels, when you change the color of
the Plot Area, these “outside” elements are not affected — except for a 3-D chart.
Figure 4-8 shows a 2-D column chart and a 3-D column chart. Both charts have
their Plot Area shaded and enclosed in a heavy dashed border. Notice that the Plot
Area for the 3-D chart includes the axis labels. Typically, a 3-D has a transparent
Plot Area, and color fills are used for the walls and floor.
If you set the Area option to None, the Plot Area will be transparent.
Therefore, the color and patterns applied to the Chart Area will show
Figure 4-8: Formatting the Plot Area for a 3-D chart includes
the axes and axes labels.
You can insert a picture or clip art for the Plot Area. To do so, click the Fill
Effects button to display the Fill Effects dialog box. Then click the Picture tab and
specify an image file. Figure 4-9 shows a column chart that uses a graphic in the
Plot Area.
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