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Formatting Series
Figure 4-10: The Plot Area for this chart
occupies the entire Chart Area.
To remove all formatting from the Plot Area, select the Plot Area and press
Del. The Plot Area remains, but the Border and Area settings are set to None.
You’ll find that different chart types vary in how they respond to changes in the
Plot Area dimensions. For example, you cannot change the relative dimensions of
the Plot Area of a pie chart or a radar chart (it’s always square). But with other
chart types, you can change the aspect ratio of the Plot Area by changing either the
height or the width.
Also, be aware that the size of the Plot Area can be changed automatically when
you adjust other elements of your chart. For example, if you add a legend to a
chart, the size of the Plot Area may be reduced to accommodate the legend.
Changing the size and position of the Plot Area can have a dramatic effect on
the overall look of your chart. When you’re fine-tuning a chart, you’ll probably
want to experiment with various sizes and positions for the Plot Area.
Formatting Series
You’ll often find that making a few simple formatting changes to a chart series can
make a huge difference in the readability of your chart. When you create a chart,
Excel uses its default colors and marker styles for the series. In many cases, you’ll
want to modify these colors or marker styles for clarity (basic formatting). In other
cases, you may want to make some drastic changes for impact.
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