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Using pictures and graphics for series formatting
In addition, the Plot Area was made white, providing more contrast between the
series and the background. The pattern for the gridlines was changed to a dashed
line, and fonts were made bold.
Using pictures and graphics for series formatting
You can add a picture to several chart elements, including data markers in line charts,
and series fills for column, bar, area, bubble, and filled radar charts. Figure 4-12
shows a column chart that uses a clip art image of a car. The picture was added using
the Fill Effects dialog box. To display the Fill Effects dialog box, access the Format
Data series dialog, select the Patterns tab, and click Fill Effects.
Figure 4-12: This column chart uses a clip art image.
Data series elements are not the only type of chart element that can have a
picture or graphic displayed. You can also apply a picture to the chart area,
the plot area, or the legend. For 3-D charts, you can apply a picture to the
walls or floor. Refer to Chapter 6 for more information about combining
graphics with charts.
Additional series options
Chart series offer a number of additional options, listed in Table 4-2. The options
vary, depending on the chart type of the series. These options are located in the
Options tab of the Format Data Series dialog box. Figure 4-13 shows the options
available for a doughnut chart.
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