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Working with Chart Titles
Chart Type
Vary colors by point
Gap width, Drop lines, High-low lines, Up/down bars
*Series in a 3-D surface chart are not selectable. Therefore, these options are available via the Format
Legend Key dialog box.
Working with Chart Titles
A chart can have as many as five different titles:
Chart title
Category axis title
Value axis title
Secondary category axis title
Secondary value axis title
The number of titles depends on the chart type. For example, a pie chart supports
only a chart title because it has no axes. Figure 4-14 shows a chart that contains
four titles: the chart title, the category axis title, the value axis title, and the
secondary axis title.
Figure 4-14: This chart has four titles.
If you examine the chart in this figure carefully, you’ll see that the titles for the
two value axes are not displayed correctly. The text has been cut off for both of
these titles. This is a common problem with vertically oriented chart titles.
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