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Adding titles to a chart
Excel’s implementation of chart titles leaves a bit to be desired. In some
cases, you may prefer to avoid using the built-in chart titles and create your
own titles by using Text Boxes. For more information, refer to the sidebar,
“Adding Free-Floating Text to a Chart.”
Adding titles to a chart
To add titles to a chart, activate the chart and use the Chart
Options command to
display the Chart Options dialog box. Click the Titles tab and enter text for the title
or titles. The titles that Excel adds are placed in the appropriate position on the
chart, but you can click a title’s border and drag it anywhere you like. Titles for
vertical axes are rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.
Contrary to what you might expect, it is not possible to resize a chart title.
When you select a title, it displays the characteristic border and handles —
but the handles cannot be dragged to change the size of the object. The
only way to change the size is to change the size of the font used in the title.
Changing title text
To edit the text used in a chart title, click the title once to select it; then click a
second time inside of the text area. If the title has a vertical orientation, it will be
temporarily displayed in a horizontal orientation while you edit it. To force a line break
in the title, just press Enter.
Alternatively, you can edit the titles in the Chart Options dialog box. Choose the
Chart Options command and then select the Title tab in the Chart Options
dialog. If you use this method, you cannot force a line break. For lengthy titles,
Excel handles the line breaks automatically.
Formatting title text
To modify the formatting for any of a chart’s titles, access its Format dialog box.
This dialog box, which is identical for the chart title and the axes titles, has tabs for
the following:
Patterns: Allows changes to the background color and borders of the title
Font: Allows changes to the font, size, color, and attributes
Alignment: Allows changes to the vertical and horizontal alignment and
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