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Linking title text to a cell
You can easily modify the formatting for individual characters within a title.
Select the title and then highlight the characters that you want to modify.
Choose FormatSelected Chart Title. The formatting changes you make will
affect only the selected characters. Alternatively, you can use the buttons
and controls on the Formatting toolbar. Figure 4-15 shows an example of a
two-line chart title that uses different sizes and styles of text.
Figure 4-15: Formatting has been applied to
individual characters in the chart’s title.
Linking title text to a cell
When you add a title to a chart using the Chart Wizard, you must type the text. It’s
not possible to specify a reference to a cell that contains the text. But after the title
has been created, you can then create a link to a cell. To do so:
1. Make sure that your chart has the particular title that you’d like to add a
link to. The title can be the chart title or any of the axis titles.
2. Click the title to select it.
3. Click in the Formula bar.
4. Type an equal sign ( ).
5. Click the cell that contains the text.
6. Press Enter.
Figure 4-16 shows an example of a chart title that is linked to cell A1 (the
Formula bar displays the link formula, =Sheet3!$A$1). If cell A1 is changed, the
changes will be reflected in the chart’s title.
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