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Working with a Chart's Legend
Adding Free-Floating Text to a Chart
Text in a chart is not limited to titles. In fact, you can add free-floating text anywhere
you want. To do so, select any part of the chart except a title or data label. Then type
the text in the Formula bar and press Enter. Excel adds a Text Box that contains the
text you entered. The Text Box will appear in the center of the chart, but you can move
it wherever you want it by dragging a border. Double-click the Text Box to display the
Format Text Box dialog box, in which you can apply any formatting you desire.
Many people prefer to use a Text Box in place of a chart’s “official” title elements. As
noted in the text, Excel’s chart titles have some problems. Perhaps the most annoying
problem is that text is often cut off in vertical titles. Also, resizing a title is not possible
(except by changing its font size). Using a Text Box overcomes both of these problems.
Figure 4-16: The chart title is linked to cell A1.
Working with a Chart’s Legend
A chart legend identifies the series in the chart and consists of text and keys. A key is
a small graphic image that corresponds to the appearance of the corresponding chart
series. The order of the items within a legend varies, depending on the chart type.
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