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Adding or removing a legend
If you’ve added a trendline to your chart, the trendline also appears in the
legend. For more information about trendlines, refer to Chapter 5.
Legends are appropriate for charts that have at least two series. But even then,
all charts do not require a legend. You may prefer to identify relevant data using
other methods, such as data labels or AutoShapes. Figure 4-17 shows a chart in
which the data series are identified by using AutoShapes, which were added to the
chart using the Drawing toolbar.
Refer to Chapter 6 for more information about using AutoShapes with
Figure 4-17: This chart uses AutoShapes as an alternative
to a legend.
Adding or removing a legend
If you created your chart with the ChartWizard, you had an option (in Step 3) to
include a legend. If you change your mind, you can easily delete the legend or add
one if it doesn’t exist.
To add a legend to your chart, use the Chart
Options command and then click
the Legend tab in the Chart Options dialog box. Place a checkmark in the Show
legend check box. You also can specify where to place the legend using the Placement
option buttons.
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