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Moving or resizing a legend
The quickest way to remove a legend is to select the legend and press Del.
Alternatively, you can use the Chart toolbar. The Legend tool in the Chart toolbar
acts as a toggle. Use this button to add a legend if one doesn’t exist and to remove
the legend if one exists.
Moving or resizing a legend
To move a legend, click it and drag it to the desired location. Or you can use the
legend’s Format dialog box to position the legend (using the Placement tab).
Be aware that changing the position of a legend using the Placement tab may
also change the size and position of the chart’s Plot Area. After you move a legend
from its default position, you may want to change the size of the Plot Area to fill in
the gap left by the legend. Just select the plot area and drag a border to make it the
desired size.
To change the size of a legend, select it and drag any of its corners. Excel will
adjust the legend automatically and may display it in multiple columns.
Formatting a legend
The Format Legend dialog box contains three tabs:
Patterns: Controls the legend’s border, color, and patterns
Font: Controls the default font for the text displayed in the legend
Placement: Controls the location of the legend within the chart
You can select individual items within a legend and format them separately. To
change the appearance of the text, access the Format Legend Entry dialog box
(which has only a single tab: Font). For example, you may want to make the text
bold to draw attention to a particular data series. It is not possible to change the
formatting of individual characters in a legend entry.
The Format Legend Key dialog box also contains a single tab: Patterns. If you
change the patterns in the dialog box, the patterns for the chart series are also
changed. In other words, the legend key will always correspond to the data series.
You can’t use the Chart toolbar’s Chart Objects drop-down list to select a
legend entry or legend key. You must either click the item or select the legend
itself, and then press the right arrow until the desired element is selected.
Changing the legend text
The legend text corresponds to the names of the series in the chart. If you didn’t
include series names when you originally selected the cells to create the chart,
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