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A log scale works only for positive values, and the default minimum scale
value is 1. You’ll receive an error message if the scale includes 0 or negative
values. Also, the axis labels will always be a power of 10, regardless of what
you specify for the major unit.
Figure 4-23 shows two charts that plot data with a very large numeric range.
The top chart uses a standard scale; the bottom chart uses a logarithmic scale. Note
that the major unit value is 10, so each scale value in the chart is 10 times greater
than the one below it. Increasing the major unit to 100 would result in a scale in
which each tick mark value is 100 times greater than the one below.
Figure 4-23: The bottom chart uses a logarithmic scale.
The Scale tab of the Format Axis dialog box includes a few other options, which I
briefly discuss in this section. The options available depend on the type of axis that
is selected.
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