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Formatting gridlines
A more direct way to remove a set of gridlines is to select the gridlines and
press Del.
If a chart uses a secondary axis, the gridlines will always be associated with
the primary axis. It is not possible to display gridlines for a secondary axis.
Formatting gridlines
To modify the properties of a set of gridlines, select one gridline in the set (which
selects all in the set) and access the Format Gridlines dialog box. This dialog box
has two tabs:
Patterns: Contains controls for changing the line style, width, and color
of the gridlines.
Scale: Adjusts the scale used on the axis. The options here are identical to
those found in the Scale panel of the Format Axis dialog box.
Figure 4-31 shows an XY chart with gridlines displayed for both axes (major
units only). These gridlines have been formatted to display as dashed lines.
The gridline feature has some known problems. For example, if you format
gridlines as white, you’ll find that they always appear solid, regardless of the Style
Figure 4-31: This XY chart displays gridlines
for both axes.
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