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Editing data labels
Figure 4-32: The Data Labels tab of the Chart Options
dialog box
To remove all the data labels in a chart, use the Format Options dialog box and
uncheck all the options in the Data Labels tab. To remove the data labels from a
specific data series, click the data labels for the series and press Del.
Editing data labels
After adding data labels to a series, you can apply formatting to the labels by using
the Format Data Labels dialog box. This dialog box lets you specify the background
color, borders, font style, number format, and alignment. For some chart types, you
can specify the position of the data labels relative to the data point. This is done
using the Label Position drop-down control in the Alignment tab.
Figure 4-33 shows an XY chart in which the data labels substitute for the series
markers. In this chart, the markers were set to none, and the data labels were
positioned using the Center option.
Figure 4-33: Using data labels in place of series markers
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