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Working with a Chart Data Table
Working with a Chart Data Table
In some cases, you may want to display a data table for a chart. A data table
displays the chart’s data in tabular form, directly in the chart’s Chart Area. Figure 4-38
shows a chart that has a data table.
Data tables can be used with only a few chart types. You cannot use a data
table with XY charts, pie charts, doughnut charts, radar charts, bubble charts,
and surface charts.
Adding and removing a data table
If you use the Chart Wizard, you can add a data table in the Data Table tab in Step 3.
To add a data table to an existing chart, choose the Chart
Chart Options command
and select the Data Table tab in the Chart Options dialog box. Place a checkmark next
to the option labeled Show data table. You also can choose to display the legend keys
in the data table. To remove a data table, select it and press Del.
Figure 4-38: This chart includes a data table.
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