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Modifying 3-D charts
Figure 4-40: Four different views of the same chart
You can rotate a 3-D chart using either of these techniques:
Activate the 3-D chart and choose the Chart
3-D View command. The
dialog box shown in Figure 4-41 appears. You can make your rotations
and perspective changes by clicking the appropriate controls. The sample
that you see in the dialog box is not your actual chart. The displayed
sample just gives you an idea of the types of changes that you’re making.
Click the Apply button to apply the settings to your chart without closing
the dialog box. When you’re satisfied with the result, click OK.
Rotate the chart in real time by dragging corners with the mouse. Click
one of the corners of the chart’s walls. Black handles appear, and the word
Corners appears in the Name box. You can drag one of these black
handles and rotate the chart’s 3-D box to your satisfaction. This method
definitely takes some practice. If your chart gets totally messed up, click the
Undo button to cancel your changes. Or, choose Chart
3-D View and
click the Default button to return to the standard 3-D view.
When rotating a 3-D chart, hold down the Ctrl key while you drag to see an
outline of the entire chart — not just the axes. This technique is helpful
because when you drag only the chart’s axes, you can easily lose your
bearings and end up with a strange-looking chart.
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