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Chart types that support trendlines
Figure 5-1: This chart displays a linear trendline.
Chart types that support trendlines
You can add a trendline to any of the following data series types:
XY chart
Area chart
Bar chart
Column chart
Line chart
Stock market chart
Bubble charts
You cannot add a trendline to any type of 3-D chart, stacked chart, radar chart,
pie chart, or doughnut chart. If you add a trendline and then change the chart type
or data series to a nonsupported type, the trendline is deleted.
Data appropriate for a trendline
The type of data used in a chart determines whether the chart is appropriate for a
trendline. Generally, charts that are suited for a trendline fall into two categories:
Paired numeric data, as is typically plotted in an XY chart. Both axes are
value axes.
Time-based data, often plotted in XY charts, line charts, column charts,
and area charts.
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