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Adding a trendline
Figure 5-5 shows a chart with the monthly income data presented earlier in this
chapter, along with an additional series for the corresponding monthly expenses
(expressed as negative values). A trendline was added to each series. The trendlines
indicate that income has been increasing, whereas expenses have remained
relatively flat.
Figure 5-5: The two series in this chart have a linear trendline.
The type of trendline that you choose depends on your data. Linear trends are
the most common type, but you can describe some data more effectively with other
types of trendline.
When you click the Options tab in the Add Trendline dialog box, Excel displays
the options shown in Figure 5-6. The Options tab contains additional options, and
not all options are available for all trendline types. The options are briefly described
in the list that follows and are discussed in more detail later in the chapter.
Figure 5-6: The Options tab in the Add Trendline dialog box
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