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Linear Trendlines
Figure 5-7: When you add a trendline, you have an
option to include the equation and R-squared value.
To display more or fewer decimal places in the equation and R-squared
value, select the box and click the Increase Decimal or Decrease Decimal
button on the Formatting toolbar.
You can edit the text contained in a trendline data label, but be aware that
Excel will no longer update an edited data label if the data is changed.
Therefore, it will display an incorrect equation. To make the trendline
equation dynamic again, delete it and then add it again using the Format
Trendline dialog box.
Linear Trendlines
A linear trend describes data in which two variables are related in a linear manner,
or in which one variable changes steadily over time. Figure 5-8 shows an XY chart
that plots the height and weight for 15 individuals. A linear trendline has been
added to the chart.
The chart also uses the options to display the equation and the R-squared value
for the trendline. In this example, the equation is
y = 4.2827x - 122.78
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