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Exponential trendline
Figure 5-12: A chart displaying a power trendline
Exponential trendline
An exponential trendline is used for data that rises or falls at an increasing rate. An
exponential trendline appears as a straight line on a chart with a logarithmic y-axis
scale and a linear x-axis scale. As with the power trendline, the exponential
trendline does not work with data that contains 0 or negative values. The equation for an
exponential trendline looks like this:
y = c * EXP(b * x)
Figure 5-13 shows a chart with an exponential trendline added. The value for c
is calculated in cell E2, which contains this formula:
Cell F2 contains this formula, which calculates the value for b:
Column C shows the predicted y values for each value of x, using the calculated
values for b and c. For example, the formula in cell C2 is
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