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Chart types that support error bars
Chart types that support error bars
Error bars are available for chart series of the following 2-D chart types:
Area charts
Bar charts
Column charts
Line charts
XY charts
Bubble charts
Because XY charts and bubble charts each have two value axes, you can display
error bars for the x values, the y values, or both.
Adding error bars to a series
To add error bars, select the data series in the chart, access the Format Data Series
dialog box, and select the Y Error Bars tab (see Figure 5-19). If the chart is an XY
chart or a bubble chart, the dialog box will display an additional tab: X Error Bars.
Figure 5-19: The Y Error Bars tab of the Format
Data Series dialog box
First, choose the display type for the error bars. Y error bars display above each
data point, below each data point, or both above and below each data point. X error
bars offer the same options, but in the horizontal direction.
Next, select one of the following error amount options:
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