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Drop Lines
Figure 5-27: This stacked-column chart uses series lines.
To change the appearance of a series line, double-click it and use the Format
Series Line dialog box. Formatting changes apply to all the series lines in the chart.
Drop Lines
Line charts and area charts can display drop lines, as shown in Figure 5-28. When
this option is in effect, a line drops from each data point to the category axis.
Figure 5-28: This 3-D line chart displays drop lines.
To turn drop lines on or off, access the Format Data Series dialog box for any
series in the chart. Click the Options tab and adjust the Drop lines check box. All
series that use the value axis for the selected series will be affected.
Although XY charts do not support drop lines, you can get the same effect
by using custom negative Y error bars. Set the error bar range equal to the y
values range.
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