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High-low lines
To apply drop lines to only one series in a multiseries chart, specify a
secondary value axis for the series before you apply the drop lines. For details
regarding secondary axes, refer to Chapter 4.
High-low lines
High-low lines are most often used in stock market charts. In fact, when you create
a stock market chart, high-low lines are added automatically. However, this feature
can be used in any line chart that has at least two series.
The high-low lines connect the maximum data point in the category with the
minimum data point in the category. Figure 5-29 shows an example that uses two
data series. The high-low lines depict the difference between the sales goal and the
actual sales made.
Figure 5-29: High-low lines connect the highest and lowest points within a category.
To add high-low lines to a line chart, access the Format Data Series dialog box
for any series. Select the Options tab and place a checkmark next to the High-Low
Lines check box.
To change the formatting, double-click a high-low line to access the Format
High-Low Lines dialog box.
Up/down bars
As with high-low lines, up/down bars are commonly used in stock market charts.
Up/down bars are available only with 2-D line charts that have at least two series.
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