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Chapter 6: Working with AutoShapes and Other Graphics
Chapter 6
Working with AutoShapes
and Other Graphics
Inserting and customizing AutoShapes
Working with other types of graphics
Using diagrams and creating organizational charts
Using AutoShapes with charts
W HEN IT COMES TO VISUAL presentation, Excel has a lot more up its sleeve than
charts. As you probably know, you can insert a wide (very wide) variety of graphic
images into your worksheet to add pizzazz to an otherwise boring report. And, as
you’ll see, you can even combine these graphics with your charts.
This chapter describes the nonchart-related graphic tools available in Excel.
These consist of AutoShapes, diagrams, and imported or pasted images.
Using AutoShapes
The Microsoft Office applications, including Excel, provide access to a variety of
customizable graphic images known as AutoShapes . You can add an AutoShape to
a worksheet’s drawing layer or to a chart.
Access these AutoShapes using either of two methods:
Choose Insert
AutoShapes to display the AutoShapes toolbar.
Use the AutoShapes menu item on the Drawing toolbar.
The AutoShapes toolbar
The AutoShapes toolbar is shown in Figure 6-1.
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