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Adding shadows and 3-D effects
This procedure does not work with AutoShapes from the Lines or
Connectors category. AutoShapes in these categories cannot be changed to
a different type.
Adding shadows and 3-D effects
You can apply attractive shadow and 3-D effects to AutoShapes (except for those in
the Line and Connectors categories). Use the Shadow and 3-D tools on the Drawing
toolbar to apply these effects. Shadows and 3-D effects are mutually exclusive. In
other words, you can apply either a shadow or a 3-D effect — not both — to an
To apply either of these effects, select an AutoShape that you’ve drawn on a
worksheet or chart, and then click either the Shadow or the 3-D tool. The tool
expands to show a list of options. Select an option, and it’s applied to the selected
shape. Figure 6-6 shows some AutoShapes that have been formatted with shadows
or 3-D effects.
Figure 6-6: AutoShapes with shadows and 3-D effects
You can adjust the Shadow or 3-D settings by clicking the appropriate tool and
then selecting the Shadow Settings or 3-D Settings option. Both these options
display a toolbar that lets you fine-tune the effect. You’ll find that there are lots of
options available, and they’re all quite straightforward. The best way to become
familiar with these effects is to experiment.
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