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Changing the AutoShape defaults
Changing the AutoShape defaults
You can change the default settings for the AutoShapes that you draw. For
example, if you prefer a particular text color or fill color for your AutoShapes, you can
set these as the defaults for all new AutoShapes that you insert.
To change the default settings, create an AutoShape and format it as you like. You
can change colors, fill effects, line widths and styles, font settings, and shadow or
3-D effects. Then select the formatted object, right-click, and select Set AutoShape
Defaults from the shortcut menu. You can also access this command from the Draw
tool on the Drawing toolbar.
Printing objects
By default, objects are printed along with the worksheet. If you don’t want the
objects to print, access the Sheet panel of the Page Setup dialog box and select
the Draft option. Or right-click the object, select Format from the shortcut menu,
and uncheck the Print Object check box in the Properties panel.
Working with Other Graphic Types
Excel can import a wide variety of graphics into a worksheet. You have several
Use the Microsoft Clip Organizer to locate and insert an image.
Import a graphic file directly.
Copy and paste and image using the Windows Clipboard.
Obtain the image directly from a digital camera or scanner.
Use any of several special-purpose “applets” provided with Microsoft Office.
About graphics files
Graphics files come in two main categories: bitmap and vector (picture). Bitmap
images are made up of discrete dots. They usually look pretty good at their original
size but often lose clarity if you increase or decrease the size. Vector-based images,
on the other hand, retain their crispness regardless of their size. Examples of
common bitmap file formats include BMP, PCX, DIB, JPG, and GIF. Examples of
common vector file formats include CGM, WMF, EPS, and DRW.
Bitmap files vary in the number of colors they use (even “black-and-white”
images use multiple colors, because these are usually gray-scale images). If you
view a high-color bitmap graphic using a video mode that displays only 256 colors,
the image usually doesn’t look very good.
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