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Inserting graphics files
Figure 6-7: Use Excel 2002’s Task Pane to search for clip art and other
multimedia files.
You may prefer to use the Clip Organizer to access image files. To display the
Clip Organizer, click the Clip Organizer hyperlink at the bottom of the Task Pane.
You can also add new files to the Clip Organizer. You might want to do this if
you tend to insert a particular graphic file into your worksheets (such as your
company logo). Use the File
On My Own command
to select the file.These images will be listed in the Unclassified Clips section.To
place it in a different category, just drag the image to the category. You can
also use the EditKeywords command to associate words with your imported
image. Doing this will enable you to locate the image when searching.
Add Clips to Organizer
If you can’t find a suitable image, you can go online and browse through the
extensive clip art at Microsoft’s Clip Gallery Live Web site. Click the Clips Online
button, and your Web browser will be activated, at which point you can view the
images (or listen to the sounds) and add those you want to your Clip Organizer.
Inserting graphics files
If the graphic image that you want to insert is available in a file, you can easily
import the file into your worksheet. Choose the Insert
From File
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