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Importing from a digital camera or scanner
PrintScreen: Copies the entire screen to the Clipboard
Alt+PrintScreen: Copies the active window to the Clipboard
Most of the time, you don’t want the entire screen — just a portion of it. The
solution is to crop the image using Excel’s Crop tool (in the Picture toolbar). Versions
prior to Excel 2000 do not have a Crop tool, so you’ll need to crop the picture in a
graphics program before pasting it.
Importing from a digital camera or scanner
Another option lets you bring in an image directly from a digital camera or a
scanner. To use this feature, make sure that your device is connected and set up properly.
Then choose Insert
From Scanner or Camera. The exact procedure will
vary, depending on your camera or scanner. In most cases, the image will appear in
Microsoft Photo Editor. You can adjust the image, if necessary, and then select
Exit and Return to Excel.
Many digital cameras use a USB port to transfer images. When that’s the
case, the digital camera’s memory will be seen as a storage device located
under “My Computer” and accessible with the normal InsertPictureFrom
File command.
Displaying a worksheet background image
If you want to use a graphic image for a worksheet’s background (similar to
wallpaper on the Windows desktop), use the Format
Background command
and select a graphics file. The selected graphics file is tiled on the worksheet.
Unfortunately, worksheet background images are for on-screen display only. These
images do not appear when the worksheet is printed.
Modifying pictures
When you insert a picture on a worksheet, you can modify the picture in a number
of ways using the Picture toolbar, shown in Figure 6-9. This toolbar appears
automatically when you select a picture object. The Excel 2002 tools are described in
Table 6-3. Note that some of these tools are not available in earlier versions of Excel.
Figure 6-9: The Picture toolbar lets you adjust a picture.
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