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Using the Office Applets
Tool Name
What the Tool Does
Insert Picture from File
Displays the Insert Picture dialog box.
Lets you change a picture to gray scale, black and white, or
“washout” (perhaps suitable for a watermark).
More Contrast
Increases the contrast of the picture.
Less Contrast
Decreases the contrast of the picture.
More Brightness
Increases the brightness of the picture.
Less Brightness
Decreases the brightness of the picture.
Crops the picture. After clicking this tool, drag any of the
picture’s handles to make the picture smaller.
Rotate Left
Rotates the picture 90 degrees counter-clockwise
Line Style
Selects a border for the picture.
Compress Pictures
Displays the Compress Pictures dialog box, which enables
you to reduce the size of the image.
Format Picture
Displays the Format Picture dialog box, which provides
options for modifying the picture.
Set Transparent Color
Selects a color that will be transparent. Underlying cell
contents appear through the selected transparent color.
This option is not available for all types of pictures.
Reset Picture
Returns the picture to its original state.
Using the Office Applets
Microsoft Office ships with a few graphics-related tools that, for lack of a better
term, I refer to as applets. If you use Excel 2002, you’ll have access to the following:
Diagrams and Organization Charts
Word Art
Creating diagrams and org charts
Excel 2002 introduced an interesting new feature that enables you to insert a
variety of (possibly) useful diagrams into a worksheet. These diagrams are made
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