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Using the Office Applets
up of AutoShapes that are enclosed in a “shell” so that they work together as a
To insert a diagram, choose Insert
Diagram and you’ll see the dialog box shown
in Figure 6-10.
Figure 6-10: The Diagram Gallery dialog
box is available in Excel 2002 only.
This dialog box offers the following diagram types:
Organizational Chart
Cycle Diagram
Radial Diagram
Pyramid Diagram
Venn Diagram
Target Diagram
Choose a diagram type, click OK, and Excel inserts a diagram template, ready to
be customized. Use the Diagrams toolbar to customize your diagram. Don’t hide
this toolbar! It’s the only source for the tools you need to customize the diagrams.
With the exception of the organizational chart, these diagrams are
interchangeable. After a diagram is customized, you can convert it to a different type by using
the Change To button on the Diagrams toolbar.
Perhaps the most useful diagram choice is the organization chart. You’ll notice
that an organizational chart diagram displays its own toolbar (not the Diagram
toolbar). Figure 6-11 shows an example of a simple org chart.
Noticeably absent is a diagram type for creating flow charts. You can, however,
create flow charts by using the standard AutoShapes (see “Creating a flow chart,”
later in this chapter).
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