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Creating WordArt
Creating WordArt
The WordArt applet enables you to create a graphic image from text. You can insert
a WordArt image by using the WordArt tool on the Drawing toolbar or by selecting
the Insert
WordArt command. Either method displays the WordArt
Gallery dialog box. Select a style and then enter your text in the next dialog box.
Click OK, and the image is inserted in the worksheet.
When you select a WordArt image, Excel displays the WordArt toolbar. Use these
tools to modify the WordArt image. You’ll find that you have lots of flexibility with
this tool. In addition, you can use the Shadow and 3-D tools to further manipulate
the image. Figure 6-12 shows a few examples of WordArt images inserted on a
Figure 6-12: WordArt examples
A Gallery of Graphic Examples
In this section, I provide you with some examples of using Excel’s drawing tools.
Perhaps these examples will get your own creative juices flowing.
All the examples in this section, and others, are available on the companion
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