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Excel offers a wide variety of chart types, but sometimes you may want something
else for added impact. One of the easiest ways to make a chart more interesting is
to replace the series elements (bars, columns, areas, pie slices or line markers) with
a graphic image.
For some reason, Excel is not consistent in this area. You can replace bars,
columns, or line markers simply by pasting a copied image. But for an area chart or
pie slice, the image must exist in a file (pasting doesn’t work). To paste an image
into a bar series, column series, or pie chart, the procedure is simple: Copy the
image to the clipboard, select the data series or single data point, and choose
Paste. The AutoShapes provide many images to work with, and you can also
use WordArt. Figure 6-18 shows a standard column chart (left), and the same chart
using an arrow-shaped AutoShape (with a shadow effect) for the columns.
Figure 6-18: A column chart, before and after replacing the
columns with an AutoShape
You can also use this procedure with standard text entered into a cell. It works
best with markers in a line chart. The trick is to copy the cell as a picture. After
formatting the cell to your liking, select it, press Shift, and choose Edit
Then select the line (or an individual marker on the line) and choose Edit
Figure 6-19 shows an example. Each of the line markers was replaced by a different
graphic, generated with the Wingdings font.
If the graphic image exists in a file, you can use the following procedure. This
method applies to bars, columns, line markers, area charts, and pie chart slices.
1. Click to select the series in the chart. To modify a single data point, click
that data point when the series is selected.
2. Access the Format Data Series dialog box and select the Patterns tab.
3. Click the Fill Effects button to display the Fill Effects dialog box.
4. Select the Picture tab.
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