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Calling attention to a cell
Calling attention to a cell
Many of the AutoShapes — particularly those in the Callouts and the Stars and
Banners categories — are useful for calling attention to a particular cell or range to
make it stand out from the others. Figure 6-25 shows two examples of how you can
make a cell’s value stand out.
Figure 6-25: Two ways of making a particular cell stand out
Changing the look of cell comments
If a cell contains a cell comment, you can replace the normal comment box with any
of the AutoShapes in the Callouts category. Select the cell comment and then click
the Draw tool on the Drawing toolbar. This tool expands to show a menu. Select the
Change AutoShape
Callouts command, followed by the desired callout shape.
You can also display an image in a cell comment. Access the Format
Comment dialog box, select the Colors and Lines tab, click the Color
dropdown list, and select Fill Effects. Click the Picture tab in the Fill Effects dialog
box and select a graphics file. By storing an image in a cell comment, you
make the graphic visible only when the mouse pointer is over the cell.
Linking text in an object to a cell
As an alternative to typing text directly into an AutoShape, you can create a link
to a cell. After you do so, the text displayed in the object will reflect the current
contents of the linked cell.
To link an AutoShape to a cell, select the object and then click in the Formula
bar. Enter an equal sign, click the cell to be linked, and press Enter. You can format
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