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Creating flow diagrams
the text in the shape independently of the format of the cell. For best results, access
the shape’s Format dialog box and change the following settings:
Automatic margins (Margins tab)
Automatic size (Alignment tab)
Center Horizontal alignment and Center Vertical alignment (Alignment tab)
Creating flow diagrams
A flow diagram (also known as a flow chart) is often used to depict how a process
or system works. You might expect that the Diagram dialog box would provide an
option for flow diagrams — but it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use
Excel to create your flow charts. In fact, one of the AutoShape categories is named
Flowchart and has all the standard flow diagram shapes. Combine these with
objects from the Connectors category and you have all the tools required to create
great-looking flow charts.
Figure 6-26 shows an example of a flow diagram created with AutoShapes —
with help from the Align and Distribute options on the Drawing toolbar. After
creating the diagram, I selected all the objects and grouped them together so that the
diagram could be moved as a single unit.
Figure 6-26: This flow diagram was created with AutoShapes.
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