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Creating the chart
The Scroll Bar control can be added to the worksheet or to the chart itself.
Adding it to the chart offers an advantage: If the chart is moved, the scroll bar will
move with it. The following instructions add the Scroll Bar control to the chart.
1. Select View
Forms to display the Forms toolbar.
2. Click the chart to activate it.
3. On the Forms toolbar, click the Scroll Bar control and then drag in the
chart to create the control. You can size and position it just as you can
any other graphic object.
4. Right-click the Scroll Bar and choose Format Control from the shortcut
menu. This displays the Format Control dialog box.
5. In the Format Control dialog box, click the Control tab (see Figure 7-5).
6. Enter 1 n the Minimum value field. In the Maximum value field, enter 12
(the maximum number of data points for the chart).
7. Set the Incremental change field to 1 and the Page change field to .
8. In the Cell link field, enter NumMonths . This will link the Spinner control
with cell D1.
9. Click OK to close the dialog box.
Figure 7-5: Linking a Scroll Bar control to a cell
After performing these steps, the value in D1 will be controlled by the Scroll Bar
and will have a numeric range of 1–12. This value, in turn, will control the number
of data points shown in the chart.
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