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Defining the names
Figure 7-8: Cell C2 contains the start day and cell C4 contains the number
of days to be plotted.
Defining the names
In this example, cell C2 is named StartDay , and cell C4 is named NumDays . The
workbook has two named formulas. Date is defined as
Sales is defined as
The second argument for the OFFSET function uses the MATCH function. The
MATCH function returns the relative position of an item in a range. In this case, it
returns the position of the date in column A that matches the date in the StartDay
cell. This, of course, is just another way of determining the first row to include in
the chart.
As in the previous example, these two named formulas are then used for the
category labels and values range for the chart series. For more information about
using named formulas for a chart series, refer to “Modifying the Series,” earlier in
this chapter.
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