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Adding the user interface elements
Adding the user interface elements
The NumDays cell has a linked Spinner control to make it easier to specify the
number of days to include in the chart (see the previous section for information
about adding a linked Spinner control).
Using a Spinner control isn’t possible for the StartDay cell because it needs to
display dates, and the Spinner control has a maximum value of 30,000 (the date
values exceed this number). A scroll bar is an option, but a drop-down list of
available dates would be perfect. Fortunately, Excel’s Data Validation feature makes
adding a drop-down list to a cell very easy. To do so:
1. Select cell C2 and make sure that it’s formatted to display a date.
2. Choose Data
Validation to display the Data Validation dialog box (see
Figure 7-9).
3. In the Data Validation dialog box, click the Settings tab.
4. In the Allow field, choose List.
5. In the Source field, enter =$A$2:$A$60, which is the worksheet range
that contains the dates.
6. Click OK to close the Data Validation dialog box.
Figure 7-9: Specifying a range of dates for
the drop-down Data Validation list
After entering the Data Validation settings, you can then select a date when cell
C2 is activated. The selected date will be the first date in the chart. The Spinner
control determines how many total data points appear in the chart.
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