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Plotting the Last n Data Points in a Series
In Step 5 in the preceding list, you can take a different approach. Rather than
enter the range address into the Source field, you can enter the following
formula, which adjusts automatically if additional dates are added:
Plotting the Last n Data
Points in a Series
Another interactive chart variation is to make a chart show only the most recent n
data points in a column. For example, you can create a chart that always displays
the most recent six months of data (see Figure 7-10). In this example, cell F1 holds
the number of data points to display in the chart.
Figure 7-10: This chart displays the six most recent data points. The number
plotted is controlled by the value in cell F1.
Creating the chart
Create a chart using the data in columns A:C. The chart in this example is a
standard line chart, but this technique will work with any chart type. The category axis
uses two columns (A and B).
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