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Creating the chart
data displayed in the chart starts with the row of the active cell and extends for a
number of data points defined by the value in cell B2. Pressing F9 (or clicking the
Spinner control) calculates the sheet and updates the chart.
The CD-ROM contains two versions of this example. The version described in
the preceding paragraph requires a press of the F9 key to update the chart.
The other version uses a simple event macro that is executed whenever the
selection changes. The macro-driven version is completely automatic.
Figure 7-14: This chart displays n data points relative to
the active cell.
Creating the chart
The chart in this example is a standard line chart. As with the previous example,
this workbook uses frozen panes to ensure that the chart is visible when the
worksheet is scrolled vertically. In this case, the first four rows remain visible.
The chart title is linked to a cell that contains the following formula, which
refers to a cell named NumPoints :
=NumPoints &” Data Points Beginning at the Row of the Active Cell”
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