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Chapter 8: Charting Techniques and Tricks
Chapter 8
Charting Techniques
and Tricks
Adding lines and background elements to a chart
Working with single-point charts that resemble a thermometer or gauge
Using an XY series to simulate an axis
Creating specialty charts that make use of a variety of tricks
Creating charts for mathematical and statistical applications
Stacking and overlaying charts
Using an add-in to create an alternative to Excel’s contour chart
Making non-chart charts
T HIS CHAPTER MIGHT BEST BE described as the catch-all chapter. You’ll find a wide
variety of useful charting examples that incorporate various tricks of the trade.
These examples may give you some new ideas and stimulate your imagination.
Many of the examples in this chapter assume that you’re familiar with the
material presented in previous chapters. In other words, I focus on the general technique
and assume that you know the basic procedures.
All the examples described in this chapter are available on the companion
CD-ROM. The CD also contains some examples that are not discussed in this
Adding Lines and Backgrounds
to a Chart
This section presents examples of charts that have been augmented in a number of
ways to display various types of lines and background elements. Several of the
examples involve “tricks” that make use of combination charts.
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