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Adding horizontal reference lines to a chart
Adding horizontal reference lines to a chart
Many charts benefit from adding one or more reference lines. Figure 8-1 shows an
area chart that depicts a product’s defect rate over a 20-day period. This chart
displays an additional line, which indicates the “acceptable” defect rate. Data points
that appear above this line represent an unacceptable level.
Adding a reference line is very simple. Just add a new series to the chart that
displays as a straight horizontal line. In this case, the line uses the data column C,
which consists of a single value repeated for each data point.
This is just a simple combination chart. The chart started as a line chart, and then
I converted the Defect Rate series to an area chart series. I removed the gridlines to
make the line more prominent. You can, of course, add any number of reference
lines to a chart. Each will require a new data series.
Figure 8-1: This combination chart displays a comparison line.
Adding a vertical line to a chart with an XY series
The previous section describes how to display a horizontal line to a chart. Adding a
vertical line to a chart is a bit more challenging. Figure 8-2 shows a chart that
displays monthly sales. The vertical line represents the date of a merger and provides
a reference point for comparing pre-merger and post-merger sales.
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