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Adding horizontal reference lines to a chart
Figure 8-2: The vertical line is generated by an XY series.
To create this chart, use the following steps:
1. Create a standard column chart using the data in range A2:B8.
2. Select the range D2:E4 and choose Edit
3. Select the chart and choose Edit
Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialog
box, select New series, Values (Y) in Columns, Series Names in First Row,
and Category (X Labels) in First Column.
4. Select the new series (a column series with two data points) and change
the chart type for the series to XY. Use the “lines without markers”
subtype. Excel will display two additional value axes in the chart (at the top
and right).
5. For each of the two new value axes, access the Format Axis dialog box,
click the Scale tab, and change the Minimum value to 0 and the
maximum value to 100. Then select the Patterns tab and set all options to None
(this hides the axes).
6. Add a title and apply other cosmetic formatting as desired.
You can use a similar procedure to create a horizontal line in a chart. Although
the process described in the previous section is simpler, it may not be suitable for a
column chart because the horizontal line does not extend all the way to the
vertical borders of the plot area.
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